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What 2020 has in store for us when it comes to Interior design Trends

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It may seem like it’s too early to start thinking about 2020. Sometimes we catch ourselves having to think twice when writing the date, but we have, in fact, gotten well and truly into the last quarter of 2019. We’re not only in the last few months of the year, but the last few months of the decade.

Yep, time really does fly.

So, what was it that really put 2019 on the map in terms of interior design? For us, it was a few things.

Firstly, the return of bold and striking colours all throughout the home. We said goodbye to boring beige and grey and welcomed in rich, deep berry shades and royal tones like emerald green and sapphire blue. We also loved using mustard and earthy oranges.

We really loved the boho look this year, in all of its glory. Whether it be neutral tones or bold colours and a mix of prints, boho is exciting and unique. What’s not to love?

Finally, we loved the ride of sustainable decor; using and repurposing old materials in your house to create unique decor pieces.

But, despite the fact that some of us don’t want to admit the passing of time, 2020 is on the horizon and it brings with it some very exciting predicted trends that we can all look forward to. Here’s your glimpse at a couple of our favourites:

  1. Minimalism and fluidity. It’s no secret that minimalism is up there with the best of the timeless design trends. Not to mention, it helps minimise stress caused by clutter. To really nail this trend, select each piece of furniture and decor carefully and ensure there is a sense of integration present in the space. This will ensure that things feel connected and exciting, without being too much.
  2. Earth, earth and more earth. Another big part of 2019 was the rise of indoor plants, timber and woven features in the home. Well, guess what? This trend is here to stay (but with a twist). To give this trend a new lease on life, pair your timber and greenery with textures like velvet, suede and brass. Bonus points for added warmth through terracotta and golden hues.
  3. Brass. We love the elegance and ambience created by the use of brass, and now it is set to migrate into our kitchens (think lighting, taps and cabinetry). Pair with warm, rosy hues for the ultimate chic look.
  4. Navy is the new black. If you’re passionate about neutrals, appease your love for all things tonal while subtly incorporating a (small but mighty) pop of colour. Navy blue is brightened beautifully by neutrals, and gives a sophisticated look without the need for black. However, it is crucial that you choose a shade that’s not too light or too dark.

Why do we love the interior design outlook for 2020?

These trends are truly for everyone. They are simple yet striking, and easy enough to incorporate into your home with minimal fuss. Plus, they don’t require you to break the bank or completely overhaul your home’s aesthetic.



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