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Interior Design: Tips for Greenery in the Home

Greenery in the Home

With the summer sun beaming through your window, indoor plants are essential to your home decor this season. With proven stress-reducing qualities, plants within the home are an easy addition to brighten the mood of any indoor space. Breathe some life into your home with some affordable, vibrant and easy to maintain greenery. After all, we all know how nice it is to wake up and smell the roses!

Indoor plants have become an increasingly popular choice for home decor and it’s easy to see why. While also providing health benefits, the pop of colour around the home offers an organic twist to the ambiance of your living areas. So whether you’re a seasoned greenthumb looking for new ideas, or you’re trying out plants within the home for the first time, check out these ideas on incorporating your own slice of nature inside.

The best indoor plants do not require much sunlight and survive in lower humidity. Within the home, they are not as likely to deal with bugs and pests bothering them. Also, they do not grow too large, making them suitable as subtle additions to interior spaces.

Some common indoor plants are:

  • Aglaonema- Symbolising long life, the Aglaonema is a beautiful bright option
    that remains relatively small. It does not require much light and does not grow too quickly making it a great manageable option for a bedside or kitchen bench top.
  • Aspidistra- An extremely low maintenance option that almost completely looks after itself. A native to Taiwan, China, Japan and the Eastern Himalayas, the ‘Cast-Iron Plant’ is almost indestructible, making it a fantastic set-and-forget option.
  • Dracaenas- Named after the greek word ?drakaina? or ‘female dragon,’ is an exciting ornamental houseplant that does have the capacity to grow to a considerable size of about three feet indoors. Let the ‘female dragon’ steal the show on the dining table as an engaging display piece!
  • Succulents- Succulents have become very popular within the home. Their thick leaves allows them to survive extended periods by relying on stored water and nutrients. Their survival technique doubles as a beautiful aesthetic feature, as their leaves tend to ‘blush’ and change colour depending on the amount of sunlight they receive.

Play around with potting to find the most fitting homes for your new green buddies! Hanging pots, wall-mounted displays, small ladders and old shelving and racks are fun ways to integrate displays into your home. You can also use cuttings to propagate additional greenery to decorate window sills. Use old liquor bottles and empty jars to add some edge!

Breathe easy knowing your home now has proven natural methods of air filtering, lowering airborne toxic agents inside. Now you can relax knowing your new indoor plants create an exciting, refreshing, and inviting vibe within your living spaces, while lowering stress and creating cleaner air within your home.



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