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Tips and Tricks to Beat The Moving Day Blues

stone kitchen bench tops
Every Complete Home is entirely move-in ready and comes with quality fittings throughout, from modern floor tiles to stone kitchen bench tops.

Moving to a beautiful new home is an exciting time – the actual moving day, not so much! For even the most patient people, the process of moving can easily spiral into a day of stress, sweat and tears.

To help you out, we’ve put together some tips and tricks to beat the moving day blues!

Things To Organise First

Before you can begin, first remember to transfer your utilities over to your new home and inform your service providers of your change of address. Connecting your internet usually comes with a long wait time, so it’s worthwhile scheduling that in advance. In addition, you should start collecting packing materials as soon as possible.

Book the Professionals

Moving day is no picnic, so it’s always best to rely on the experts. Hiring professional movers can often be costly, but before you dismiss the idea, consider the amount of time and physical labour they will save you. More importantly, the pros come with their own transport, which will make moving furniture and bulky items far easier.

If you want to avoid the expense and do it by yourself, it’s time to call in old favours. As they say, many hands make light work, so recruit some help from your friends and family. All it might cost you is a slice of pizza at the end of the day.

Create A Plan

The key to an efficient moving day is to go in with a plan. Like any big project, things will seem much more manageable once you break it down into several smaller components.

Start by sorting everything you own into three categories: keep, donate and throw away. Moving to a new house is a great excuse to free yourself of all the clutter you have accrued – and remember everything you choose to get rid of is one less thing to lift!

Next, pack room by room to ensure all related belongings stay together. Assign every family member to a specific room or task to avoid double handling and getting in each other’s way.

Labels Matter

Every box needs a label. Every single one. Preferably, these labels should be as detailed as possible and include the box’s contents and the room it needs to go to. These labels will prove vital when unpacking and they also allow any professionals or extra helpers to know where things go without needing to ask.

Pack Your Essentials Together

In an ideal world, the actual process of moving will only take a day. However, unpacking will likely take a lot longer. To save you from searching through stacks of boxes for one item, you should always pack a separate bag with all your essentials. Include everything you will need straight away, i.e. bedding, toiletries, medication and device chargers. You might also want to include some ‘just in case’ items too, for example batteries and snacks.

Things To Remember

  • Light items should rest on top of heavy ones, never vice versa
  • Try to have packing boxes in a variety of sizes
  • Wrap fragile items in bubble-wrap
  • Use plastic, cardboard or old blankets to protect fragile furniture
  • If you can, transport clothes on their hangers to save you time later
  • Have everything packed BEFORE the actual moving day

Hopefully, our advice will make your moving day as pain-free as possible. If you need some motivation just remember that at the end of it, you will have a beautiful home to enjoy. If you are still looking for your dream home, then our Complete Living Series presents the perfect solution! Starting from just $179,000, every Complete Home comes with quality fittings throughout, from modern floor tiles to stone kitchen bench tops. Best of all, they are entirely move-in ready! Contact one of our friendly consultants today to discuss your options.



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