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The 4 Types of Home Office + How to Choose The Right One For You

PLUS a Ross North Home design to match your needs!

With so many of us now having to create a make-shift workspace at home, we thought it would be helpful to examine the four main types of home office. To discuss the up and down sides to all four, and then be able to point you in the direction of one of our many innovative home designs that would suit or match the office style you and your family will need.

You might not be someone who needs to consider a home office in the long term as you are only required to work from home due to the current pandemic, but we suggest it would be wise to ensure you consider the possible changes to your industry and the way in which we will all be working moving forward. The silver lining (because we can all do with trying to find one in this scenario) is that the way businesses communicate/how employees complete day to day tasks at work is likely to be impacted into the foreseeable future, particularly in light of how well so many jobs have been carried out from the comfort of an employee’s home.

A good home office space may end up being a serious requirement when planning your new or next home, so we thought this might help you decide which kind of set up would best suit your needs.


  1. The Spare Bedroom

Probably in our current situation, this is the most popular go-to for those of us who don’t normally work from home and who are now scrambling for a quiet corner to set up in. This is highly beneficial to those with kids/other family members at home; you can close the door and shut out the rest of the household (for the most part!). The downside then? Often the spare room is the place where things go to live when there is no room anywhere else, it could be that all other bedrooms are occupied, or it is serving as an oversized walk in robe for all your winter jackets, your shoe collection as well as your make-shift home gym set up. But what if you had a 5th bedroom? With the expansive and thoughtfully designed Mahogany, you will!

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  1. The Study Nook

Perfect for those without kids, and who have high levels of discipline as you are often still out in a semi-trafficable area of the home, near the kitchen or out in an open living space. This is also only compatible with those who only need a simple set up – just a laptop and your phone, and at a stretch and notepad and pen. The study nook is not ideal for those with a job that requires heavy concentration, data entry or accounting for example. It will pose a problem for those who will be working from home indefinitely (or who already were before COVID-19) as you have limited ability to personalise the space too much, and you are less able to create ergonomic options such as having a stand up desk, or even a window to open nearby in some cases. We have created a perfect study nook for you, in the two-storey Positano designed with the modern Australian family in mind:

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  1. The Portable Desk

Okay – so it isn’t really a home office per se, but for the Uni student or contractor on the road a lot this could be a feasible way to get the best of both worlds. A flexible space in which to work from home when needed, and one that can be packed up quickly and easily when not required for extended periods. This is a great way to tackle a share house situation too; you can move around if you need to due to people moving in and out, and similarly with bigger families with older children, it is the equivalent of hot-desking at home. There are clear down sides to this for anyone needing a more complicated set up (second screen, battery packs, Zoom meetings and so on), but if you are someone who doesn’t spend a lot of time in front of a screen, it could save you the time and money that setting up a more formal office space will surely cost you. For this style of office, you will need space and smart design throughout, so you can look no further than the Award Winning Odyssey.



  1. The Dedicated Office Space/Room

Ideal for the small business owner, those who will be and have been working from home long term. It works for shutting everyone out and is a permanent room [or feature] that can be personalised and used comfortably all year round. You can put your awards and qualifications up on the walls and design a dedicated lunch area or meditation corner! Realistically? Not everyone can afford a home or has the space on their block to include a dedicated room for a home office. Well, think again! We have a fabulous home design in our Complete Living range that features a dedicated study area… you’re welcome!

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Leon Sainken

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