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How to declutter your home

We all have a little bit of clutter laying around the house. Whether you want to destress, purge your useless things before moving into a new home, or simply want to free up additional space, here are some tips to help you get your Marie Kondo on.

The best suburbs to build in Perth

We’ve all heard many a tale about the state of the property market in Perth. But the trend seems to be changing, as land sales in Perth start to lift. Based off of data for the June quarter of 2019, the number of lots sold across the Greater Perth region increased by 16.5%, with the average price stabilising at approximately $220,000.

How to save for your first home

Let’s be honest, saving for your first home is a daunting task. When you are looking at that final figure, it can seem downright impossible but with some patience, planning and will power, you can make your dream home a reality. To help you out, we’ve put together some tips and advice to guide you toward your goal.

7 advantages of extended family living

A typical extended family household in Australia consists of multiple generations living together in the same household, but some extended families also include uncles, aunts and cousins who live under one roof. Although this living arrangement has been very common in some cultures for many years, more everyday Australian families are deciding to live together as an extended family for many other reasons.

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