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Styling Your Bedroom For A Better Sleep

The master bedroom of the Southsea display home
The cozy master bedroom of The Southsea display home.

Tired of tossing and turning at night? Tired of feeling… well, tired? If a good night’s sleep is hard to find, we have your back. Your bedroom’s design and condition can have a considerable impact on how well you sleep. To help you get the rest you deserve, we’ve prepared a guide on how to create the perfect slumber sanctuary.

Invest In Your Bed

The key to better sleep might lie in a new mattress. The perfect mattress should be both comfortable and supportive. These days, there are plenty of different sizes and types to choose from, with memory foam, innerspring, waterbeds etc.

Therefore, it pays to shop around, try some out and see which one works best for you. New mattresses can often be a big expense, but considering we spend a third of our lives sleeping, we say it’s a worthwhile investment!

Control Your Temperature

We’ve all been there before. Those stuffy summer nights when the sheets are sweaty and sleep is impossible to find. Or those long winters, when you are just too cold and uncomfortable to snooze. Controlling the temperature of your bedroom is the best way to ensure your sleeping conditions are just right. A good old ceiling fan might be all you need, otherwise, it may be time to buy a reverse cycle AC.

Choosing Your Bedding

Similarly, bedding plays a big role in regulating temperature and aiding sleep. Natural fibres like cotton and linen are best for keeping cool in summer, whilst in winter, you may wish to switch to flannel sheets or a thicker doona.

Weighted blankets are all the rage right now and can also help you to de-stress and sleep better. This is because the pressure they apply mimics the comforting feeling of a hug, whilst their snug fit prevents you from being too restless in the night.

The Power of Plants

For many, houseplants have a calming effect, so they are not only a great way to bring colour and life into your bedroom, but they can also help you drift off more easily. Plus, the scent of certain plants, such as lavender, are known to have natural relaxation properties.


Too much clutter in the bedroom can be stressful so it’s time to tidy up! The solution to a cluttered bedroom may simply be a change of habits, like hanging clean clothes and placing dirty ones in a hamper, rather than just letting them pile up on the bed.

If the problem is an overabundance of stuff or a lack of storage, a new dresser may be called for. However, if your bedroom is short on space, then we suggest more vertical storage, like shelves or extra railing in your wardrobe, in order to maximise your storage without contributing to the clutter.


We live in a world where technology is everywhere but if you are committed to a good night’s sleep you should make your bedroom a tech-free haven. Televisions, smartphones and other devices produce blue light and new studies have shown that this can hamper your body’s production of the sleep hormone melatonin. Ideally, you should power off from all devices at least an hour before bedtime.

Even if you have your smartphone switched to ‘night mode’, which changes the blue light to a softer yellow light, devices can still be an addictive distraction which will keep you up.

Let There Be Darkness

Darkness is ideal for optimum sleeping conditions, so try reducing as much light as possible. If too much light from the street enters your room, try using blackout curtains. Similarly, anything in your room that produces light should be removed e.g. digital clocks with LED displays.

Naturally, before you can create the perfect bedroom, you need the perfect property. Ross North Group is Perth’s leading provider of house and land packages in Perth, offering a wide range of architecturally designed homes. With a choice of complete fittings and finishes, building your dream home is easier than you think. To find out more, contact one of our expert consultants today.



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