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Six easy ways to create the perfect scullery

A scullery, or butler’s pantry, is an essential addition to the entertainer and home chef’s kitchen. This area, dedicated to storage and cleaning, makes the kitchen cleaner, clutter free and more usable and enjoyable for the whole family. Other than being used for storage space, sculleries are ideal for messy food preparation, cleaning dishes and even hiding dirty items out of sight when guests show up unexpectedly. With all its benefits, it is no wonder that the scullery is a very popular feature in many of our modern homes. If you want to create the ultimate scullery for your home, then have a look at our tips below to find out how.

  1. Maximise your storage space
    Smart storage solutions are an essential part of any scullery. Dedicate certain areas of the scullery to storing different items such as food, small appliances, kitchen tools and dinnerware. An open shelve is ideal, as it is very accessible and makes it easy to see the different items. Store food such as pasta, flour, and sugar in glass containers to make them even quicker to identify. Make the most of the vertical space by installing taller shelves to store those items which you only use occasionally.
  2. Make washing up a breeze
    Make washing up and food preparation much more enjoyable by setting up a part of the scullery for easy and convenient washing. Bring your dishwasher into the scullery and add hooks or rails to the wall for hanging kitchen towels. Place a stainless steel dish drainer and cutlery stand next to the sink to air dry the clean dishes. If you want to make washing up look better, buy ceramic or glass detergent dispensers to suit your kitchen’s design. Also remember to keep a waste bin nearby, ideally hidden in a cupboard below the sink.
  3. Dedicate an area to baking
    If baking is your thing, then the scullery is the ideal place for setting up a baking station. Place all your baking appliances such as the mixer, digital scale and food processer on the countertop, in an area that is within easy reach of the drawers or shelves where you store your whisk, measuring cups, rolling pins and icing tools.
  4. Keep your appliances outside
    If your scullery has enough power points you can use the bench tops to permanently keep your small appliances outside and standing by for use. You are much more likely to use the slow cooker, sandwich press and juicers more regularly if you keep it in a convenient location outside.
  5. Add a wine fridge
    Most of us don’t have the luxury of a wine cellar in our homes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t store your wine collection beautifully and at the perfect temperature. Wine fridges are available in a variety of styles and sizes, and are ideal neatly storing your wine under a bench top in your scullery.
  6. Make it beautiful
    The scullery is ultimately an extension of your kitchen, and its design should reflect this. Make your scullery as stylish as the rest of your home by choosing a similar colour scheme for your appliances, table wear and paint choices. Put your favourite cook books out on display, and add life to the space by bringing in flowers from outside or a keeping variety of herbs in little pots.

The spacious scullery in The Salcombe from Ross North Group is a perfect example of a practical but beautiful scullery area. With its ample storage and bench top space, laminated open shelving, built-in microwave and stylish finishes this scullery is a true reflection of the quality and supreme workmanship found in every part of our display homes in Perth. For more information on The Salcombe or to view our range of house and land packages phone 08 9431 8150 to speak to one of our friendly building experts.



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