Should I Consider Subdividing My Block?

What you need to know and how Ross North Developments can help.

There are many reasons our clients decide to subdivide their existing block of land. We believe it offers a great opportunity to those new to property development just as much as experienced investors who are keen to expand their investment portfolios.

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3 great reasons to looking at subdividing your block include:

1. Maximising the potential of your current property/block of land

Subdivision is a sensible choice for maximising return on your existing property as it allows you to take the block you already own and fully capitalise on its size by creating multiple new properties. This can be a cost-effective option for many as it eliminates the added cost of buying new land, and you can choose the type of development that best suits your land size/shape, budget, and level of commitment.

2. Flexible investment options

Subdividing your existing block gives you the option to choose how many new blocks you create as well as the type of housing development, depending of course on applicable R codes, council regulations and the size of the block. You can then also choose between

  1. selling the newly created blocks of land as they are;
  2. building the new homes on the subdividing land and selling them ready to go/off the plan, or
  3. building the units and then renting them out.

This level of flexibility allows you to gear your investment to suit the current market conditions and means you can adjust your commitment as need be along the way too.

3. A rewarding investment

A successful subdivision has the potential to quickly multiply your existing asset which you can then sell at a profit to grow your personal capital or rent to increase your monthly income. Subdividing your own block may seem like a small investment at the time, but if fruitful, can be your entryway into the property investment market. The knowledge, experience and profits gained from your first subdivision can all be used to reinvest in future subdivision ventures.

Ross North Developments are specialists in property development in Perth, and our team are dedicated to helping you achieve the best results for your next subdivision or property development project. With our extensive knowledge and expertise, we can guide you with every step of subdividing your block and commencing a house behind house, duplex, triplex or multi-unit development. Contact our property development experts today and book a free consultation to find out what is possible for you.

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