Popular Interior Design Styles Explained

One of the challenges our clients face when building a new home is working out what their desired home style is, and realising they don’t have a clear understanding or lack the vocabulary required to describe and define what they actually want. There are so many styles to choose from, many of overlapping with each other in areas, so it can be very daunting when starting from scratch in your new (blank canvas) home.

At Ross North Homes all of our Sales and Design Consultants can help guide and advice you on all aspects of your new build including design, but if you have an understanding of your preferred style it can make the whole process a lot easier and less stressful.

To help you we’ve put this handy list together of the defining aspects of some of the more popular design trends.



By far one of the most popular home styles in recent years, Hamptons homes are normally easy to spot from the outside with its white weatherboards, timber cladding and large front patios. Key components of this style are natural textures (timber floors, wicker furniture), timber moulding along hallways and staircases, window seats both inside and outside, hardy materials such as marble benchtops and of course, the front porch! Colour selections should kept be consistent throughout with the focus on white, blue, and grey. The Leeuwin is a great example of the Hamptons look in action.



There are so many levels of Industrial style, you can opt for a black and white with splashes of copper and steel to get a degree of ‘industrial’ feel, or you can go all out with exposed pipes, polished concrete floors/walls and recycled furniture! Some of the key components however are concrete, Edison lights, raw materials turned into shelving, bench tops and/or bathroom cupboards, and plenty of wrought iron! The colour palette is generally earthy – dark blue, brown, black, burnt orange, mustard yellows.



This style is all about showcasing rugged, natural beauty in your home with the use of raw materials such as wood, metals, and stone to create a warm, comfortable feel – as opposed to Industrial which has a much colder mood for example. This style can be characterised by mixed textures and fabrics, wooden or stone fireplaces, and exposed, unpainted wooden beams and wood panelling. Colours are natural and earthy; cream, brown, orange, warm whites and beige.



Think The Entertainer – think high ceilings, neutral colour palettes styled with pops of bright colour. This is another style that takes on many different forms, but can be typically identified by the use of large, gloss tiles, gloss cabinetry, lots of glass and shiny surfaces in general often coupled with large, complex light fittings/pendants particularly in the bedroom and living areas. Colours are predominately silver/grey, gold, black, white with pops of emerald green, royal blue, and even ruby red depending on personal taste!

We hope this helped inspired you to think about what sort of feel and style you want to create in your home, and we really hope we get to be a part of your new home journey! Reach out to our team of home consultants who are ready to answer all your questions and set you on the path towards building and owning your own stunning Ross North Home today.

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