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Pantone’s Fashion Colour Trend Report for Spring and Summer 2020 (and how to incorporate them into your home)

In honour of New York Fashion Week, Pantone LLC has released their annual Fashion Colour Trend Report. The report features top 12 stand-out colours and varying takes on 4 classic neutral tones.

The inspiration for the colour palette was as follows: an expression of our desire for a sense of familiarity. The palette of colours are relatable, friendly and convey a sense of ease. However, simultaneously, they help to convey self-expression and highlight elements of modernity, humour and entertainment.

Let’s take a look at a visual representation of the colours we can expect to really make an appearance in the coming months.

The 12 colour NYFW palette:

The 12 colour NYFW palette


The Spring/Summer 2020 ‘classics’:

The Spring Summer 2020 classics


So, what do we do with this information? Colour coordinate our wardrobes? (Possibly). But, after all, Spring ?is t? he season for change and refreshment, so why not use these as inspiration for your Springtime home makeover.

First, we can take a look at the options for interior (and exterior) painting.

Some great indoor options include Brilliant White, Ash, Lark, Sunlight and Faded Denim. These are neutral enough, so you don’t need to overhaul your entire room decor to match a new feature hall, yet bold enough to really add a sense of freshness and style to a space.

Cinnamon Stick, Chive and Ash make beautiful options for painting the exterior of your home, whether you choose to paint all your walls or just highlight one section. They add a sense of warmth and openness sure to make all your guests feel right at home (plus, why wouldn’t you want your home to be the stand-out on your street?).

Next, a few options for tiling to highlight a splashback or shower.

Navy Blazer and Classic Blue are both great options for a bathroom, and are most likely to fit with your current colour scheme. Ash would also make for a nice touch to an otherwise white-washed tile scheme, adding some colour while remaining neutral.

Sunlight, Coral Pink and Classic Blue would look beautiful in a patterned, tiled splashback. If you are feeling particularly brave (or, you are just a huge fan of colour) you can opt for Orange Peel or Flame Scarlet to for a kitchen that leaves an impression.

But what about some easier options for those of us who don’t feel like picking up the paint roller or hiring a tiler? Don’t worry, we’ve got everyone looked after.

Why not try to subtly incorporate one of the 12 NYFW Palette colours into your home, via artwork, linen, throws and pillows and rugs? You could even pop down to your local florist for a beautiful bunch of blooms to bring some life ?and c?olour into your living space.

Need some creative fuel? Check out these photos for inspiration:

A few variations of the Coral Pink tones:

variations of the Coral Pink tones

Ash and Saffron look beautiful when paired together for a neutral yet striking bedroom.

Ash and Saffron colours for a bedroom

Navy Blazer, Ash and Saffron working together in the kitchen and living space:

Navy Blazer, Ash and Saffron

A muted Flame Scarlet used as a feature wall:

Flame Scarlet

For lovers of natural timber decor, Chive pairs beautifully with existing pieces.

Chive and natural timber decor in a bedroom



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