Need a checklist to follow for building your home

We know that when building your home, particularly your first, it can be both exciting and scary. That’s why we’ve put a simple checklist together that will help you on your home building journey.

  1. Before making the decision on the house and land package visit the display homes. Display homes in Perth vary in design, size and price so make sure to look around and find the one that suits your needs.
  2. If you decide on a Display Home but would like modifications, make sure to understand exactly what the cost ramifications are, that you are happy with the quality of fixtures, and how this differs from the original Display Home costs.
  3. Before signing your house and land package contract, your builder should supply you with a soil report and foundation data to assess and design the build. We provide all of our house and land package buyers with a free site assessment before agreeing to the build.
  4. At Ross North Group we like to keep things simple for you but we know that some building contracts can be quite complex and overwhelming. This is why you have the option to consult a building lawyer to check over your contract before you sign the dotted line. This can potentially save you time and money down the track as you and your builder are clear on the exact delivery requirements. The contract should include detailed descriptions of specific building material, fittings and fixtures, colour schemes and any appliance.
  5. Note that your building contract should clearly state who will obtain the planning and building permits, as some builders expect the house and land package buyer to arrange this. Complete Homes are the Perth home builders that take the hassle away and organises this for all of our clients.
  6. Your builder must supply you with an up to date certificate of domestic building insurance before commencing any work and of course they must be registered as well as have a building permit.
  7. And finally, choose a builder that you feel you can trust. There should be open and honest communication between you and your building team and there should be no fear of any ‘smoke and mirrors’ type scenarios.

If you’re looking for a builder that you can trust, then contact Ross North Group.  We strive to provide our clients with the highest quality service backed up by a knowledgeable home building team. Give us a call on 08 9431 8150 to start talking about your dream house and land package in Perth.

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