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How to nail three unique themes for your Christmas celebrations this year

The big day is approaching! You’ve got your menu sorted, Secret Santa presents are all wrapped up and the elf is well and truly on the shelf. There’s just one last thing on your mind… you’re pondering the table setting.

Sure, you could save yourself the trouble and opt not to do anything special with your table decor, but after all, the table is where we spend most of the day – it plays a big part in spreading the festive cheer and it should be dressed for the part (if you ask us, anyway).

You can never really go wrong with the traditional colour scheme and overall theme – red, green and gold with some poinsettia and holly. But if you really want to blow your guests away, read on for three unique approaches to your table setting.

1. Industrial.

For this one, go for a darker colour scheme of gunmetal, silver and black (if you like, you can brighten things up with a dash of rose gold or gold here and there). Instead of using fairy lights, look out for some metal tealight or candle holders to use as table highlights. For a centrepiece, fill a large jar with baubles (or small stones for a more rustic vibe), curled up copper wire and some reeds or very dainty floral/leafy pieces (think baby’s breath, eucalyptus etc.) This theme would look great with a bare timber table or (if you are brave enough to entertain on your alfresco) a glass or stainless steel base. There is no need for a tablecloth, but a table runner would do the trick if you feel as though things look a bit bare. Keep the decor on individual settings to a minimum, a folded napkin in a colour of your choice (we would suggest a neutral tone like beige or brown) with your cutlery plus a short, tumbler glass would look great. You can add some spray-painted acorns for an extra touch, if you like.

2. Modern Australian.

Christmas theme modern Australian
For a soft, romantic theme that you don’t have to pack up into a box the next day – Modern Australian is perfect! (Although, you should probably steer clear if your guests are prone to hay fever).

This one is fairly easy – think all things neutral for your colour scheme (blush pink, soft grey and beige) with copper or gold accents, a little bit of timber and LOTS of wildflowers and greenery. Warm everything up with a few candles scattered around the table or try weaving tiny fairy lights through your floral arrangements. You can go for one long centrepiece made of native Australian greenery (using eucalyptus leaf, wattle or the like), create your own wreath using the same materials plus a bit of ribbon or a few baubles woven in, or you could feature one large floral arrangement with Bottlebrush, Billy Buttons, Everlasting Daisies, King Proteas, Pincushions and so on. Another fun idea is to place a native flower underneath an upside-down wine glass at each individual setting!

3. Rustic Boho.

Christmas theme Rustic Boho
The best part about this particular theme is there really is no right or wrong way to do it (and it’s supposed to be mismatched). So if you’re lacking the correct number of gold plates or your tablecloth doesn’t match your original theme idea – you may be the perfect candidate for a boho Christmas!
This one is very similar to the above in that floral accents are a great addition, but your colour scheme can go A LOT bolder now! Warm tones work best so think fuchsia, orange, mustard, burgundy and gold. Experiment with different textures, patterns and prints to create a lively setting. Timber makes for a great base, paired with a lace table runner topped with plenty of candles, fairy lights and flowers. You can add in some macrame and feathers here too for the ultimate bohemian touch. If you feel creative, each individual setting can be completely different – or at the very least, you can mix modern and traditional elements together while keeping all settings the same.



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