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Make your home feel calm and centred through the use of colours

Colour is an extremely powerful design element. It instantly adds personality and style to any space, but also affects the mood of a home. The right use of colour can inspire creativity, stir beautiful emotions and be an instant face-lift to an ordinary or dull room, but if you get it wrong the results can be equally bad. To help you out with making good colour choices for your home, we have asked our designers to share their favourite tips on how you can use a bit of colour psychology to set the right tone.

Choose right colour combination for the right effect

Choosing the perfect colour scheme for your home can be intimidating, but you can find a lot of inspiration by simply looking at a colour wheel and sticking to a combination of two or three colours. Complementary colours are colours on opposite sides of the colour wheel, such as yellow and purple, red and green, and blue and orange. When used together these colour combinations can be very striking, but also visually challenging and easy to get wrong. For a more subtle and calming approach rather stick to an analogous colour scheme. These are the colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel, such as blue and purple hues or yellows and greens, and are very effective at creating calm and harmony.

Create interesting contrasts

Don’t be afraid to use a bit of contrast to make your home’s colour scheme visually interesting. High contrasts, such as dark elements in a light room, add definition to a space and make it appear clearer and more structured, while low contrasts are soothing and informal. Higher contrasts like black and white are visually similar to object like a chess set or tuxedo that has a formal appearance, while low contrast combinations like whites and beiges easily conjure up images of the beach and drift wood to create a more restful space.

Use calming colour palettes

If you are seeking calm in your home, look towards nature to find colour inspiration. An ocean or forest inspired colour pallet with cool colours like soft blue, navy, light green, teal and a touch of warm, sandy yellow or pale oak, looks tranquil without being cold. Neutrals pallets like shades of grey, beige, white and pale blues can also make a room appear calm and soothing. If you prefer warmer colours choose soft yellows, oranges and a touch of darker red for a welcoming atmosphere. This pallet can be especially effective if you want to warm up your home visually in the colder months. 

Accessorise wisely

Clutter equals visual chaos, so instead of putting everything you have or objects with glaring features on display, try simple, well-designed accessories like candles and vases in colours that you love. A room in neutral tones can easily be changed or upgraded by adding a touch of colour and pattern with a new décor item such as an interesting art work, stylish rug or colourful cushions.

At Ross North Group we value the power of design and of using elements such as colours smartly to create the perfect home. This is why we work with a team of experienced and creative craftspeople who can create homes which are functional but also incredibly beautiful. All our house and land packages in Perth are architecturally designed, with stylish layouts, gorgeous interiors and a choice of quality finishes that include paint colour choices, reverse cycle air conditioning, floor covering and window treatments. If you’d like to view our entire range of quality homes click here or call 08 9431 8150 for more information.



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