The Keys To Building A Multi-generational Home

The generously sized open plan kitchen/ dining/ living area of The Saxon

Multi-generational living is on the rise in Australia. Thanks to the multitude of benefits it provides, more and more Australians are embracing the living arrangement every year. However, it’s not always perfect.

With several generations all sharing one roof, normal frustrations and tensions between family members can quickly escalate into an uncomfortable situation for all. In the wrong home, you might hear complaints about ‘living on top of one another’ and suddenly shared spaces can start to feel like a battleground between generations. In the right home, however, you can create harmonious living to benefit everyone, young and old alike. This is why the design of your home is so important.

If you are thinking of building a new home better equipped for multi-gen living, then we have you covered.

Why is the trend on the rise?

Before we get into home design, let’s gain some more understanding on what multi-generational living involves. Firstly, it can take on a lot of different forms. Sometimes older parents move in with their children and grandchildren, sometimes adult children move back in with their parents, or extended family members all live together. Likewise, there are several reasons why more Australians are choosing multi-gen living:

Companionship – Although living in close proximity with family is often the source of frustration, on the flip side, it’s also one of the biggest benefits of multi-generational living, allowing families to stay connected and support each other.

Financial reasons – For both young and old, multi-gen housing is simply the most affordable option. It’s great for young people who can’t yet afford to buy their own property and are trying to save for their first deposit. Generally, the day to day cost of living is also less, due to things like shared bills and grocery costs, so it’s also ideal for retirees looking to stretch their savings and pension.

Lifestyle needs – At a certain point, seniors need more care and help, both around the home and with everyday tasks. Some may choose aged care facilities, but this can sometimes be too costly or simply undesirable for families. Therefore, multi-gen living provides a practical solution.

Childcare – These days many couples with kids also work full time jobs. Arranging for childcare can sometimes prove challenging, but when the grandparents live at home a babysitter is always at the ready. As they say, it takes a village!

The importance of a home’s design.

One of the chief frustrations faced by multi-generational households, is a lack of space, privacy and independence. Some degree of separation within the home is essential, especially when multiple generations want to entertain guests or relax at the same time.

Taking into account these needs, our two-storey home designs like The Matterhorn or The Saxon were specially created to cater to multi-generational living and provide for your family’s future happiness.

Both homes feature a ground-floor guest bedroom (perfect for seniors) complete with an en-suite bathroom, an adjoining living area and kitchen. There’s even a separate entry via the porch, so that the residents can come and go as they please without disturbing the rest of the family. All of this allows the space to operate as an entirely separate home altogether.

Adding to the benefits, The Matterhorn and The Saxon position the master bedroom and en-suite upstairs for added privacy, along with an adjacent lounge retreat. This way, kids, parents and grandparents will all have their own dedicated living space and the privacy they require.

Then when everybody wants to come together, the generously sized open plan kitchen/ dining/ living and alfresco area provide the perfect settings.

Designed with care and built to an impeccable standard, Ross North has proudly provided many Australian families with the ultimate multi-generational home. If you are in need of more space and privacy, or are considering your family’s future needs, contact our friendly consultants today so that we can discuss building your stunning new home.

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