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Interior Design

Here in Perth, we are well and truly into the colder months and it can be difficult to find inspiration when we feel like we are perpetually surrounded by cloud cover and gloom. One way to inject some new energy and flair into your life during these winter lulls is to spend some time reinventing your living space, whether it be through the rearrangement of furniture or a complete overhaul of your home decor. Playing with interior design is not only a fun way to harness your creativity, but it can be incredibly therapeutic and rewarding when the end result comes together.

Here are three interior design trends that are sure to freshen things up:

1. Crisp whites, wooden features, and greenery throughout.

Crisp whites, wooden features, greenery throughout

If you have a green thumb then this one is definitely for you. With a beautiful array of indoor plants to choose from, you can easily spruce up a dull home by adding life to every corner. Try installing a hanging garden against an outdoor wall or balcony, or potting larger leafy varieties in your living spaces. For those who lack the space or correct environment for plants to flourish, succulents are a great option and can be potted together for a unique and striking element in any home. Coupled with natural timber and linen, you cannot go wrong with this timeless decorating style.


2. Emerald green

Emerald green use in Interior DesignEmerald green has been on the trend radar for a while, and now we find ourselves craving a pop of the regal tone in our homes. Luxurious and inviting, emerald green looks especially stunning when coupled with bronze, matte black finishings, and touches of velvet. Subtly incorporate it into your decor or go bold and add a feature wall to really liven up the home.


3. Blush tones and brushed gold.

Blush tones and brushed gold in Interior Design
If you are a fan of neutrals but crave a bit of colour – blush is t?he? colour to try. It pairs beautifully with traditional neutrals like grey, beige and white. Add a touch of luxury with some faux fur throws or velour fabrics. Much like the two previous trends, blush makes a great accompaniment for whitewashed timber or marble features in the home.



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