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How to plant a waterwise garden

Home elevation - The Abbey
Low water gardens can still be lush and green: here’s The Abbey from the Complete Living range.

We love Perth, don’t you? It’s our bright, green and liveable city.

We all have our part to play in keeping it that way. Part of that is ensuring we keep our groundwater usage low.

Since 1975, Perth’s average rainfall has decreased by 15%. That means we have less water stored in our aquifers, and, ultimately, less groundwater to go around (Water Corporation, 2019).

So, what steps can you take in your garden to ensure you minimise your water usage?

There is so much you can do, but let’s focus on landscape design and planting for a waterwise (and beautiful!) garden.


Despite the intimidating name, it is actually very easy to achieve, especially if you are just starting out planting your garden.

Hydrozoning involves planting species of plants with similar water and nutrient requirements together in one section of a garden. This helps you to deliver the right amount of water for your plant’s needs. You can even customise your irrigation patterns to ensure all your different plants receive an adequate supply of water.

Plus, it reduces the risk of plants dying as a result of over or underwatering. So you don’t have to fret about spending a fortune on a beautiful garden for it all to just go down the drain (pun not intended) should your plants not thrive.

Planting for water conservation.

Did you know that irrigation accounts for 39% of Perth’s average household water usage? Needless to say, it is important to focus on how we can lessen this.

Despite what we may think, low water gardens can still be lush and green. Another benefit is that they can be enjoyed year-round without worrying about maintenance or climate changes.

If you don’t want to replant a garden; you can focus on mulching and soil maintenance, as well as reduction of lawn area (or installation of Astro Turf).

Some ideal low water plants for Perth include the Frangipani, Lilly Pilly, Californian Poppy, Cabbage Tree, African or Aurora Daisies and even some varieties of Apple and Mango trees!

You can find a full list of waterwise plants specifically for Perth on the Water Corporation website. Follow the link

As easily as that, we can make small changes with big impacts. Being water wise doesn’t have to stop inside the home!
For more water wise tips, head to



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