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How to make your rental feel like home (without upsetting your landlord)

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So you’re not quite ready to own your first home yet.

Renting is a great way to have a space of your own while you work on getting together all of the bits and pieces you need to buy a home.

But everyone can agree that one of the biggest downsides to renting (aside from the rigorous cleaning and preparing for inspections) is feeling like, no matter what, you can never really make the place feel like h?ome.

There are certain rules you have to live by when renting that can limit you in terms of home decor, and for those of us who like to express ourselves in our furnishings, this can be a real bummer.

Never fear – there ?are? ways around it (and we promise it doesn’t solely revolve around those horrendous stick-on hooks that ruin your wall paint).

Here are a few tips to help you feel more at home in a rental, so you can keep your sanity (and your bond).

The most important thing to remember when decorating is to work with the existing elements in the space. If you’ve got a crisp, white interior with tiled flooring then a vibrant colour scheme would look amazing. The same theme may not fit as well in an older home with lots of dark timber and earthy tones. The key is to choose a colour scheme that is complementary to the space because if you try and force a different style in, the disconnect will be obvious. You should also consider how much natural light you have, as well as any existing light or window fittings that may limit you in the way of design style. Having an understanding of complementary colours will benefit you immensely – if you are trying to brighten up your room that seems to be an endless sea of beige, opt for a similar tone like a soft cappuccino or blush pink.

Rugs, throws and pillows are your best friend. If you can’t make any changes to wall colours or hang any fixtures then these are the best way to personalise a room without putting yourself at risk of having an upset landlord. It goes without saying that you should display your family photos, favourite books or knick-knacks where you can.

Change your window fittings. If you have ended up with bare windows or an unappealing blind, adding curtains can help to conceal the things you’re not crazy about. They also do wonders for making the space feel warmer.

Mirrors are magic. They don’t just give you an option to add personality or check yourself out on the way to work, they give the illusion of space. This is invaluable if you’re stuck in a tiny flat.

If you’re unsure, pick up the phone and find out. Most landlords will agree to small changes, so long as you agree to bring the space back to its original state before you vacate. This may mean taking down some shelves or re-painting a wall or two – but it’s worth the trouble.



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