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How To Have A Luxury Home On a Budget

How To Have A Luxury Home On a Budget
One of the bedrooms of The Maple

When you are building or buying your first home money can be tight. Many first-timers believe that their limited budget will prevent them from owning their dream deluxe abode, but we say otherwise. Follow our clever tricks and styling tips below, and you can enjoy luxury living without breaking the bank.

Add Touches of Luxury Where You Can

Just because you are sticking to your budget that doesn’t mean you can’t buy the things you really want. It just means you need to be selective. If you have your heart set on one big-ticket item like an expensive TV, designer couch or an exclusive piece of artwork, then of course you should buy it! This just means you will have to compromise on other things. Whether that means bargain hunting or less money for lifestyle luxuries like dining out, is up to you.

Once purchased, make this big-ticket item the focal point of whichever room it’s in. After all, if you want your home to feel luxurious your best furnishings should be front and centre. These showstoppers will also help to raise the rest of the room up to its level.

Just don’t take this as permission to splurge. Remember, it’s not a race and if you are thoughtful with your spending, you can always save for more luxury items in the future.

Mirrored Illusions

When it comes to making your home feel grander, a little smoke and mirrors is always helpful. Cleverly placed mirrors are an excellent way to create the illusion of added space. They also have the added benefit of adding more natural light to a room and are especially useful for spaces which feel cramped or receive limited sunlight. Large mirrors can sometimes come with a hefty price tag, so we recommend browsing online markets for a second-hand deal.

Choosing Luxe Materials

Incorporating premium materials like velvet, timber, stone and metal into your décor and fixtures will help to create that coveted luxury aesthetic. Of course, premium materials often come with a premium price tag. This is where it pays to choose similar but cheaper alternatives, e.g. velour instead of velvet, pine instead of jarrah, engineered stone instead of marble. If chosen with a designer’s eye, then the result will look every bit as impressive as the real deal.

Shop Smart

Similarly, it pays to shop savvy! You may be tempted to splurge on some designer décor, but those high-end names come at a high price and at the end of the day, it’s only a name. If you shop around odds are you can find comparable furniture that is equally stylish, albeit without the fancy label.

Buy Vintage

You will be surprised what treasures can be found at vintage markets and even more surprised by the discounts. Certain vintage pieces just have that innate sense of glamour and will have the added benefit of giving your home some unique character. Just be willing to look past little defects. And if you are not afraid of a little paint and repair work, your vintage bargain will look brand-new in no time!

See, it is possible to have luxury for less. All you need is a little style and common sense. Of course, you also need the right home to glamorize.  Fortunately, we have a range of beautiful and affordable home designs that are ideal for first homeowners. Contact our amazing team of consultants today so that we can help you create your dream home.



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