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How to give your home a Bohemian-style makeover

The word ‘Bohemian’ comes from the French name for ‘gypsy’ and was often used to describe those who live unique and artistic lives. Typically, people who are adventurers, artists or ‘free spirits’ will fit the bill, but don’t worry, you don’t have to consider yourself a hippie to appreciate the boho decor trend.

Boho decor is ideal for those who want to give their home some flair and establish a space full of life, colour and lots of fun. This style is the perfect excuse to go against the grain and embrace quirky and unusual approaches to home decor.

Because boho style is inspired by the free spirited individuals mentioned above, it usually embodies their essence by showcasing a variety of patterns, textures, colours and prints. Much like an artist, although all boho rooms will share similar characteristics, no two will ever be the same. This makes boho decor a great option for when you don’t want a cookie cutter living room or bedroom, with the same bed covers or throw pillows as five of your friends.

But, the question is, how do you incorporate this unique decorating style into your home? The good news is: there’s really no right or wrong way to go!


There is no rule book for which colours look best in a bohemian-themed room. You can opt for traditional, warm, earthy tones like olive green, brown and golden-yellow; or go bold and embrace vivid shades like fuchsia, cerulean and sunflower-yellow. Boho is based on a more-is-more philosophy, so don’t be afraid to mix all the colours of the rainbow to create the look you desire.


Still going with the more-is-more approach, feel free to go crazy with patterns and prints! This is a great way to bring in colour, and you can do this through wall-hanging mandalas, throw pillows and rugs. Don’t worry if you feel like one pattern clashes with another, that’s the idea!

home interiors with multi coloured patterns and prints


Natural aspects like burlap and woven baskets can be combined with materials like wool and silk. Other popular textures include feathers (think dreamcatchers, for example), macrame, fringe and crochet. All of these pair well with leather and timber, and look best when they have a slightly used appearance. Shabby chic furniture fits well in a boho space.


Op shops, markets and garage sales are your best friend if you want to create a really unique space. Things don’t have to match, in fact, it adds even more character to the space when each piece is unique. You can repurpose old furniture by painting or reupholstering if you want to harness your creative side.

Bohemian style interiors

Use white as a base

Although boho rooms are generally bold and colourful, don’t underestimate the effectiveness of using white in the space. White walls make wall hangings stand out, and are useful in drawing the eye to gallery walls or other points of interest in the room. Keeping your walls white also keeps the space versatile should you want to redecorate or relocate in the future.

Plants and lighting

To put the finishing touch on the atmosphere of the room, make good use of lighting. Warm light creates a cosy and inviting environment, and you can find some beautiful woven and patterned lamp shades to add some personality to your fittings.

Finally, add a touch of life with indoor plants. You can incorporate more decor with woven or macrame baskets or patterned planters. Wildflowers and leafy ferns make the perfect addition to a bohemian space.

Wilfdlowers and leafy ferns in bohemian style interiors

We love this trend and we can’t wait to see more boho options out there for everyone to try!



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