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How To Create The Perfect Low-Maintenance Garden

How To Create The Perfect Low-Maintenance Garden
The backyard lawn of The Odyssey in Melville.

No Australian home is complete without a gorgeous garden. It’s an essential part of the Great Australian Dream but the reality can sometimes be more than you bargained for!

If you are the kind of person who struggles to keep even the most resilient house plants alive, or if you simply don’t want to waste your free time fussing about in the backyard, then you will want your garden to be as hardy and hassle-free as possible.

To help you out, we thought we’d provide some tips and advice on how-to create a garden that is as beautiful as it is low-maintenance.

The Low Down On Lawn

Let’s start with the most important feature of your garden, the lawn. If you are after a minimal fuss lawn capable of withstanding Australia’s challenging climate, here are the ones worth investing in:

Soft-Leaf Buffalo – Premium varieties like Sir Walter tend be very popular due to their lush colour and soft feel. These varieties fare well in hot summers, require less frequent mowing because of their slow growth and boast a very high shade tolerance, so they are perfect for yards which receive only partial sunlight.

Kikuyu – Rapid-growing, this breed will naturally require more frequent mowing. However, its vigorous growth means it can tough out even the hottest summer days and will recover quickly from damage, making it a great choice for families with children and pets.

Zoysia Matrella – It may be a mouthful to say, but this turf-type is ideal for those who really hate mowing, growing at the half the speed of Kikuyus. Plus, it requires very little watering and nitrogen.

When in doubt, fake them out. If you really want to avoid lawn care, there’s no shame in going with artificial turf. It always stays green and requires zero maintenance aside from the occasional cleaning with a hose.

Picking Plants

Native plants are already equipped to cope with Australia’s blistering summers and dry spells, so naturally they are ideal for the low-maintenance gardener who wants to spend less time watering and feeding.

There are endless varieties out there, so what you choose ultimately depends on your taste and your location’s specific climate. Still, to get you started, here are a few of our favourites:

Westringia – Great for hedges or statement shrubs.

Cordylines – Known for their distinctive red leaves, these plant varieties love neglect.

Aussie Rambler – The perfect way to add some colour to your garden, these stunning purple flowers require almost no care.

Of course, if you want a garden with a little more international flare, there is an overwhelming variety of non-native plants to choose from which will still thrive in Australia. Naturally, types of succulents and cacti are among the best options, as they can withstand summer heatwaves and need little watering.

Must Have Mulch

The lazy gardener’s best friend, mulch will help to prevent weeds and minimise the need for watering by helping your soil to retain moisture. Spending just a little time mulching stands to saves you a lot of hassle in the long run.

If you are after an alternative that is more aesthetically pleasing, then you can also use groundcover plants, like grevillea or blue chalk sticks, to act as a kind of living mulch.

Easy Irrigation

Why waste time watering when your reticulation system could do it for you? These days, there are a tonne of automated options out there, simply pick one that fits your needs and budget.

Now that you know where to start, designing your easy-care paradise should be… well, easy! Of course, if you are creating a brand-new garden, you will want a brand-new home to go with it. With over 40 years of experience to our name, Ross North has a wide-range of stunning modern home designs for you to choose from. Contact our team today, so that we can discuss your dream home.



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