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Five home maintenance tips you should follow this Spring

The Winter weather is on its way out. Say hello to beautiful blossoms, clear skies and sunshine to boot. Yep – that’s right – it’s Springtime!

Spring brings about great vibes all around. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and we all feel just that little bit happier (and a bit more motivated to do those pesky tasks around the house, too).

Spring cleaning is one thing, but that may not jump out as an absolute necessity to those of us who are naturally tidy (we envy you, whoever you are). However, as the seasons change it is important to follow a specific home maintenance routine to ensure things are in good nick for the approaching months. This is especially pertinent in Spring as we prepare for certain areas of the house and backyard to be used more (think air conditioning, pool, reticulation and so on).

Needless to say, home maintenance is an ongoing task. But we want to draw the focus to five things you should put at the top of your checklist.

  1. Have your air conditioning units checked/serviced to keep your electricity bills down. We all know the feeling of dread when the power bill is in your letterbox, the pain of seeing the number and wondering how on earth it could be so high? Get in contact with your air conditioning company or a trusted service provider and get the job done now, to save yourself a headache later on.
  2. Weeding. We know, we know, getting rid of the weeds that have grown over the rainy season is a much hated job. But get it done before the scorching days hit (and maintain things regularly) and you won’t have to battle with those pesky growers on a 40 degree day in December.
  3. Touch up your exterior paint. The mild temperatures around this time of year are ideal for external paint jobs, as the temperature will help the paint to form a durable and protective finish as it dries.
  4. Check your roof cavity, gutters and roof valleys. Make sure your insulation is looking good, fill in any gaps between the batts if you can see them. This is also a good time to check for pests in your roof. While you’re up, make sure gutters are clean and free of blockages that can lead to internal mould issues.
  5. Get your swimming pool ready. Check for leaks and corrosion in the pump, and get on top of your chemical levels. Take the time to check over your pool gates and fencing, too, as you don’t want this to become an issue when you are wanting to use the pool regularly in Summer. Make sure there is no rust, and check that your fencing is compliant with local council standards. You can always hire a pool certifier if you are unsure.

What are your top priorities around the home in the coming weeks?



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