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Factors to consider when building a new home in your 60’s

Building a new home in your 60s can be the perfect time to embrace your dream home. As you move into retirement, your finances, lifestyle, and household size can all change significantly. Your old family house might suddenly feel too big, or like too much work, or too far away from friends and relatives. Whatever your reason for deciding to build, there are some important things to think about. Here’s what you should consider when building a new home in your 60s.

Is it time to downsize?

Building a new home in your 60s is the perfect time to downsize, so think about how much space you’ll need in your new home. If the kids have grown up and moved out, do you really need a five-bedroom house with a sprawling garden and pool? Or would a three-bedroom house with a charming courtyard be more suitable? Downsizing is a wonderful way to reduce your household costs, simplify your lifestyle, and minimise the amount of upkeep required to keep your home spick and span.

What length of time will you stay in the new home?

Consider how long you intend to live in your new home. If you’re planning to move into a retirement village in the near future, you can build your new home to suit your lifestyle right now. However, if you plan to stay in your new home for as long as you’re able to live unassisted, you should build a house that will be comfortable and practical for you, as you get older.

Location, location, location

Spend some time figuring out the best place to build your new home. Do you want to move closer to your children or grandchildren? Will your new home be close to public transport links? Will your new neighbourhood be easy to walk around on foot? Take a drive around any area you’re considering, and spend a day exploring the local shops, parks and services, before you make your decision.

Opt for single storey

Choosing to build your new home as a single-storey house could be a wise decision for home owners in their 60s. While a multi-level or split-level home might be manageable now, if your mobility declines as you get older, stairs may become a difficult challenge. Upstairs bedrooms or a basement level might become inaccessible parts of your new home in the future.

Choose low maintenance options

Think about how you can make your new house an enjoyable, easy-to-manage home. In the past, you might have easily managed mowing the lawn and cleaning a big house, however this level of upkeep could become a burden later in life. Choose a home design that’s low maintenance, and think carefully about whether you really need extra areas like a basement, loft, backyard or entertaining area.


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