Want to Downsize Without Moving? Our Narrow Lot Homes Provide the Perfect Solution!

The Outdoor Entertainment Area of The Liberty

So, your kids have all grown up and moved out and suddenly your home feels all wrong. It’s too big, too outdated and way too much of a hassle. Now that the kids are gone, you want to spend your newfound free time doing the things you love but instead it’s consumed by cleaning and gardening.

In short, it’s time to downsize!

Your dream home is now something sleek, modern and easy to maintain. There’s only one problem: you love your location and don’t want to move.

So, What Is the Solution?

This is where our range of Narrow Lot Homes in Perth offer the best of both worlds. If your block is large enough, simply subdivide and split it in two. Then, with as little as 10 metres of frontage, you can build a beautiful brand-new home ideally suited to your lifestyle. All without needing to find and buy a vacant lot or leave your cherished suburb.

Whether you choose to retain your existing residence or demolish it and build two new homes – one to live in and one to rent out – depends on the configuration of your property, your budget and personal preferences.

Plus, narrow lot homes offer a host of benefits that are worth taking the time to consider:

Inspired Design

It’s a common misconception that because of the inherent limited space, building a narrow lot home means you will have to compromise on certain features, but this is not the case. Our team has worked hard to create home designs that are maximised for living space and optimised for functionality. In addition, all of our narrow lot homes embody the commitment to quality and aesthetic excellence that Ross North is known for.

Every measure is taken to ensure our homes feel spacious and comfortable, with open layout living, functional zones for peace and privacy, a sense of flow between rooms and extra luxuries. For example, one of our narrow lot designs, The Liberty, flaunts 31 course high ceilings to the entry and all living areas for an added sense of spaciousness, whilst the kitchen has a galley-style layout for greater bench space and storage.

We also offer a range of two-storey designs for families who want to capitalise on their living space. At Ross North, it is our belief than downsizing should never feel like downgrading.

Ideal for Entertaining

We often find that many people who are otherwise ready to downsize are hesitant to make the move because they fear that a smaller home it will impact negatively on their social life. However, our homes are in fact perfect for entertaining, thanks to open layout living and seamlessly connected alfresco areas to cater to every occasion.

Low-Maintenance Living

By their nature, narrow lot homes are the perfect match for those seeking to spend less time on property upkeep. With easy-care yards and practical floor plans, they free up your schedule so that you can spend more time relaxing at home, or lock-up-and-leave and embrace a whole new hassle-free lifestyle.


It may seem obvious but it’s certainly worth saying, by choosing to subdivide and build you stand to save a lot of money. These savings can then be invested in luxuries, like that big screen TV you have had your eye on, or perhaps that long-awaited holiday. A narrow lot home may come with a smaller price tag, but the benefits are huge!

So, if you’re ready to start your new life and downsize into one of our stunning narrow lot designs, contact us today. Our friendly consultants are standing by to answer all of your questions.

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