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Demolish and Re-Build and Save Time and Money!

Building a new home that suits your growing family and needs doesn’t always have to mean a change of address. We have assisted hundreds of Perth families demolish their old homes in order to build their dream, brand new home on the same block. We have witnessed how our clients benefit from this home building process.

Benefit 1: You don’t have to relocate to a new suburb.

If you love your neighbourhood and local shops, know your neighbours, your children are settled in a good school, or simply do not want to give up the view you have from your block, then you already have good reasons to knock down your current home and rebuild a better one to suit your current needs.

Benefit 2: It is very often the cheaper option.

You might think home renovations or moving into a new home are cheaper than a knock down and rebuild, but in fact, it is often the more affordable option. When you knock down and rebuild there are no stamp duties involved, and you avoid any selling and buying costs. Compared to a renovation project, a demolish and build is also often the simpler and affordable choice. Plus, many older homes require extensive structural changes to bring them up to modern safety and living standards, and this can be why many builders charge extra per square metre for renovations than to rebuild an entire home from scratch.

Benefit 3: New house, low maintenance (and lower bills)!

Along with standard renovation issues, maintaining an older home costs money. A newly built home requires little to no maintenance, and modern building technology has been drastically increasing the energy efficiency of new homes, in turn reducing a family’s energy and water bills.

To guarantee your demolish and rebuild project is a success, you should work with one of the best home builders in Perth [that’s us!]. Our team will guide you through each step of the process, with industry experience and knowledge that will save you time and money.

We will assist you in choosing the right home design, as well as oversee the entire demolition and building process. For more information or to book a free, no obligation site assessment, reach out to our specialist team today!


Leon Sainken

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