What To Consider When Designing Your Home

What should you think about when designing your home? Most home builders would know that it isn’t just about the look of your home from the street, there are many, many factors that come in to play to make your home a well-designed one.

Ross North Homes has built close to 10,000 homes for fellow Western Australians so their knowledge of design is not something to dismiss. This is why Ross North Homes is sharing 6 tips on “what to think about when designing a home”.

  • Choosing the design you want
    There are many house designs to pick from and finding the right can one can be difficult. Think about your living requirements and the living spaces that will get the most attention. The Ross North Homes in-house design team can advise on the electrical and storage layout to ensure you get the most out of the space. It is extremely important for the design to be functional and meet the needs of the occupants.
  • Meeting council regulations and guidelines
    The design you’re thinking about may not pass the council guidelines so understand the restraints you’re working within when designing your home. Ross North Homes offers free site assessments for all of their clients and from here advises on what design will maximise the use of space, within the guidelines.
  • Considering the landscape design at the start
    Many people leave the landscape design to the very end and fall into the trap of exhausting their budget on the build, leaving nothing for the garden. Think about the landscape design when you’re designing your home. Having a beautiful garden makes all the difference to a home and will increase the value.
  • A design that won’t date
    Ross North Homes has a number of beautifully designed homes to pick from, each of them can be customised to suit ones needs. They are all of the high quality and have won many design awards. Don’t fall into the trap of designing a radical home that will date.
  • Size does matter!
    No matter the size of the block or the size of the home, it is important to use the space effectively. Ross North Homes in-house design team will demonstrate this when customising their clients homes and advise on the best use of space.
  • Design a home that is energy efficient and sustainable
    This means designing a home that won’t adversely effect the environment. A sustainable home must be built using materials that are durable and will not require repair or replacing in a short period of time. It also means using recycled materials/environmentally-friendly materials, green building supplies, hardwoods, pine floors, and appliances that use less water or electricity.

The Ross North Homes team has more than 40 years of experience in designing and producing the highest quality house and land packages. Call them today on 9431 8150 to discuss your design requirements.

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