Clever & Stylish Kitchen Storage Ideas You’ll Love in Your New Home

That You Can See in The Flesh in Our Display Homes

The kitchen is often described as the heart of the home, and for good reason. It is where you gather to talk about your day, make a coffee or grab a snack – but it then also means it is one of the most prone to clutter, mess, and general chaos!

We have designed and built thousands of kitchens, so we know a thing or two about what can be done to minimise draws of rubbish and unused knick-knacks. We help many Western Australians to best utilise the space they have so they are not tripping over themselves (or their cooking utensils) on a daily basis. 


A scullery is a delightful and super handy add-on to your main kitchen. Here you can hide any unwashed dishes and/or bulky appliances, and it acts as the room for food preparation and mess-making. Everyone knows that the beloved main kitchen is the heart of the home for family and friends alike which is why you likely want it looking clean and organized whenever possible. A scullery allows you to do just that and provides all the extra storage you could ever need or want so you can keep the kitchen cupboards for just your everyday use/essential bits and pieces.

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If you need inspiration – our display home The Colonnade features an award-winning kitchen complete with scullery that sits behind it, it is beautiful but also super functional! Take a look inside our new display home, The Colonnade.

inside view of a smartly designed kitchen with scullery and cupboards

We understand however that not everyone has a scullery in their new home build budget – but there are certainly other ways to ensure you have plenty of storage space in your new kitchen. 

Kitchen Island 

A kitchen island is a great way to add extra storage space and it works to free up space on your countertops as well. Some kitchen appliances like a microwave can be installed right under a kitchen island, and you can have drawers instead of or as well as cupboards in order to store large pots and pans that take would otherwise take up precious cabinet/pantry space. Plus, you get the added benefit of being able to enjoy meals served in the kitchen right after it has been prepared – allowing the whole family to spend more quality time together. 

We love the cool and modern two-tone kitchen bench in The South Beach display – a functional way to eat dinner and socialise that is also a practical way to squeeze more storage space in! Also, take a look at the top tips for deciding on the right kitchen bench for your family.

beautiful and cleverly designed kitchen with kitchen island

Drawers, drawers – and more drawers!

You can ensure that all your plates, cutlery, and even the big pots and pans have a place to live in your new kitchen by having longer, wider drawers over the standard-size ones most of us are used to. You can then stack what you have neatly and easily, and by placing some grip lining at the bottom of your drawers you can stop them banging around if your family is opening and closing them frequently, too!

You can see what we mean in The Escape – our display home in Southern River, next to the ovens below you notice the large wide drawers that can be used for almost anything that needs to be tucked away.

smartly designed kitchen idea with drawers

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