Choosing a block of land? 5 Questions you should ask yourself!

It’s a difficult decision for buyers – selecting the block of land that you are about to build your house on… It may look as though most plots are the same, but once you dig deeper you’ll see that one piece of land is considerably different to the next.

Each block has its own unique features and with that can come challenges. It’s especially important to take note of any issues or hazards that may influence the type of home you can build, as this can have an impact on costs. To help you distinguish the good from the bad, we’ve prepared a list of five questions to ask yourself before selecting your block of land.

  1. Is this the right location for me?? Make sure to choose a block of land in an area where you will be comfortable. One that is close to services like shops, schools, and parks. Consider your travel time and visit the site at various times during the day/week to observe the activities.
  2. Does the size and shape of the block suit the house design?? Consider whether you want to build a large or small home. The size and shape of land determines the type of home you can build. Think outside of the box, so to speak. An oddly shaped block gives you the opportunity to be different.
  3. Is the land steep?? Building on a sloping block of land can be challenging and can sometimes be costly when requiring levelling the ground. However there are many homes built on sloped blocks that have an incredible design. Take into consideration the land’s orientation and make the most of the sunlight.
  4. Consider the soil type?? Depending on the soil type it can have a big impact on the cost of building your home’s foundations. It is recommended to build on soil that is less reactive as this is what responds well to soil impact and changes during and after the construction of the home. Your builder will complete a soil test early on but always ask for proof of the test to see if it has already been conducted.
  5. Are there any restrictions? Each council will have its own set of rules that will regulate the build. Some regulations may include height restrictions, open space requirements and design guidelines. Some councils may even have regulations on the design of a house including colour, style and materials.

If you would like some guidance and advice contact our team and we’ll help you to find your perfect piece of land. The Ross North team is a trusted, premier homebuilder with over 40 years of experience – earning the reputation for excellence and quality. Their team of tradesmen, designers and supervisors are well-placed to guide and support you through your building journey. Call us today on 08 9431 8250 or send us a message and we’ll reply soon.

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