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Interior home design ideas on a budget

Do you want a home that looks straight out of a magazine, but think you can’t afford it? Creating a stylish and beautiful look for your home doesn’t have to cost a fortune. With a few smart changes and budget buys you can easily get the designer look you want without breaking the bank.

How to tell if you’re ready to build your first home

House ownership is an investment milestone most Australians aspire to achieve. And if you can build your ideal home, that’s even better. If you want to ensure that you are ready to build your own home before making any commitments, then you should consider the following aspects.

Six organisational tools every kitchen needs

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where we satisfy hungry tummies, create inspiring dishes, do homework and hobbies, and catch up with loved ones over a meal. But, with so much happening in one space, it can quickly become cluttered, untidy and uninspiring. Luckily, you can easily whip your kitchen back into shape with these six organisational products and tools.

Choosing the right lighting for your home

Good lighting will make your house feel warm and homely, while bad lighting will make a house look harsh and unwelcoming. The best way to choose the right lighting for your home is to consider the purpose of each room, and then select lights accordingly.

How to make building your home a reality

Building and owning a perfect family home is the ultimate life dream come true. However, many Australians believe that this in an unachievable ambition or something they will only be able to afford in the very distant future. Here are some simple steps you should take to make building your home a reality.

Make your home feel calm and centred through the use of colours

The right use of colour can inspire creativity, stir beautiful emotions and be an instant face-lift to an ordinary or dull room, but if you get it wrong the results can be equally bad. To help you out with making good colour choices for your home, we have asked our designers to share their favourite tips on how you can use a bit of colour psychology to set the right tone.

Introducing The Aberdeen

Flowing over a single level, the Aberdeen is a modern, inviting design with plenty of space for comfortable family living. Designed for blocks that are 12.5 metres wide, the Aberdeen is perfect for narrow lots while still delivering enough room for the whole family. This impressive layout encompasses 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a double garage and ample living areas.

Communication is key to a successful client-builder relationship

The importance of a successful client-builder relationship cannot be overstated. Emerging with your sanity intact after building a house calls for mutual respect, understanding, trust and, most importantly, excellent communication with every person you deal with in the building company, throughout the duration of the project.

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