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The best suburbs to build in Perth

We’ve all heard many a tale about the state of the property market in Perth. But the trend seems to be changing, as land sales in Perth start to lift. Based off of data for the June quarter of 2019, the number of lots sold across the Greater Perth region increased by 16.5%, with the average price stabilising at approximately $220,000.

Factors to consider when building a new home in your 60’s

Building a new home in your 60s can be the perfect time to embrace your dream home. As you move into retirement, your finances, lifestyle, and household size can all change significantly. Your old family house might suddenly feel too big, or like too much work, or too far away from friends and relatives. Whatever your reason […]

How Long Should It Really Take To Build A New Home

How long does it take to build a new home? This question is frequently asked by people who are thinking of building their own home. Some experts and builders will answer that it takes an average of eight months, while others say that it takes anything from four months to over a year to complete […]

Quality VS Quantity. What Type Of Home Should You Be Investing In?

If you are planning on building a new home you’ll soon be faced with many options and choices. This includes choosing a builder, finding a location, picking building materials, deciding on paint colours, and much, much more. One of the most important factors to consider for each of these decisions is whether you are going […]

5 reasons why you should build with an established builder

Building a new home is a major project and commitment. It involves a lot of planning, decision making, costs, paperwork and a large team of tradesmen and suppliers to complete the project. Naturally, you’d want to do everything in your power to ensure this process will be a success, and working with an established and […]

To build or to buy? That is the question

We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us. – Winston Churchill So you’re ready to change your life with a new home. Congratulations, it’s a big first step. Now comes a litany of decisions, the first of which may be: do I buy an existing home or build new? Buy or build? This is an intensely personal […]

Why you should have trust in your builder’s sales representative

If you are shopping around for a new home and have been visiting a few display homes, you are probably well aware that you should be looking at floor plans, designs, quality and finishes to help you make a decision. However, you may be overlooking a very important factor that could greatly determine the outcome […]

The journey of building: staying sane, happy and achieving your goals

“To speak of home in relation to a building is simply to recognise its harmony with our own prized internal song.” –Alain de Botton – The Architecture of Happiness So you’ve done all the research on the pros and cons of building versus buying. You’ve talked to friends and family endlessly, bookmarked in your Favourites, […]

What to do before buying your block

So you think you’ve found your dream property. The fabulous local shopping precinct is down the road, your kids can ride their bikes to school, there’s a bus stop on the corner of the leafy public park and your favourite café overlooking the water is a comfortable stroll away. Sounds perfect. But before you sign […]

The benefits of building duplex

There are so many things to consider when making the decision to develop a block of land. Before considering the number of houses, units, duplex’s or townhouses to build, the developer must identify the capability of the block, including the size and shape. Should the block suit a duplex it will provide the owner with […]

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