The Building Process Made Easy

The Building Process Made easy

There's No Need to be Confused, We Make it Completely Easy!

Building your first home is an exciting time and a special achievement. The Ross North Homes Group specialise in helping West Australians build their first home.


Where do You Want to Live?


Which Home is Right for Me?


Finding the Right Finance


Where do You Want to Live?

  1. Location location location! Choosing where to build your home is just as a big a decision as to which home to build.

  2. This isn’t your one and only home. As important as your first home is, just remember it’s not the only home you will ever live in. Think of it as your first step on the road of property ownership.

  3. Choose an estate that is owned by a well regarded developer. They have years of experience developing estates that people want to live in. They understand their estates need to be both enjoyable places to live and provide homeowners with the opportunity for capital growth.

  4. Ensure your estate is near essential amenities such as schools, shops, public transport, recreation facilities etc.. Once again think about your day to day living along with the potential growth of the land estate.

  1. Don’t just think about which home is right for you, right now! How many bedrooms will you need in 5 years? Future planning is key and will save you the headaches later on.

  2. Know your budget! Plan for your budget so you’re comfortable living now and not constrained by financial limitations. Don’t go overboard – work to what is possible.

  3. Choose the layout, not the finishes! The most important decision you’ll make is the floorplan. Don’t let your countertops, carpet and wallpaper stop you from making an informed decision.

  4. Don’t assume every floorplan fits your lifestyle. Assess your lifestyle. Get a second opinion from your friends and family before making a decision.





  1. Understanding how much you can borrow and which home loan is right for you doesn’t have to be a complex and daunting experience. Our finance team has been helping first homebuyers getting into their first home for years.

  2. The first and most important part is how much can you afford. We help you through the application process but at the same time make sure the repayments are going to be achievable. We want to enjoy living in your new home.

  3. Your parents may like to help you with your loan. They may assist with the deposit or even act as guarantors on your home loan.

  4. A home loan for a new home is called a ‘Construction Loan’. A Construction Loan is different to a normal loan that’s why it’s always best to deal with Construction Loan specialist. Our finance team deal solely in Construction Loans so understand the process completely.

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