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Autumn Interior Design Trends For 2020

As autumn steps in, temperature goes cooler, days go shorter and the warm summer days are long gone. With the season change, it’s important to review what design trends are in store for us.

1. Retro Glass Lighting

This is probably the ultimate interior design for 2020. From warm vintage glass bulbs to mid-century statement lights, glass is the it item of the season. Glass lighting is a versatile item where you can incorporate it to different interior design themes or aesthetics. The dynamic design of retro glass lights projects light in multiple directions, especially when paired with warm bulbs creating a warm ambience in the space.

2. Nature Tones

Earth tones are a great addition to your autumnal colour palette. It provides a relaxing and nurturing feel in contrast to the shiny, metallic finishes of our technology. Although colours are a very personal thing, nothing is more versatile than a good terracotta tone. It’s a good unexpected accent colour with whites, keeping it fresh and vintage, providing a calm and ground interior. Olive green is now more commonly seen as a chic option for any space in your home. You can subtly add it in through a velvet pillow, an ottoman or even just a throw.

3. Large Scale Art

Say goodbye to minimalism and hello to bold maximalism. Another trend we’ll be seeing more of this year are large scale art, wallpapers and murals. It’s a great way of bringing in a personality to a basic white wall.
Large scale art is more than just an oversized painting. It oftens makes a space feel smaller. If you want to start lightly, you can begin with hanging a tapestry or a wall chart.

4. Indoor Plants

The addition of indoor plants have been recently popular in Australia. They are known to many health and wellbeing benefits while adding style to our homes and outdoors. You can start small by adding small pots of succulents. If you like it big, choose mature plants that are over a metre tall and look for rich shades of greens with luscious leaves and thick foliage. You can play with how your plants are displayed, either grouping them together and using different sizes and colours of pots.

5. Organic Furniture

Keeping it close to nature is the key trend this year. Today’s fast-paced and busy life encourages us to want to come home to a soft space where we feel we are close to nature. Natural materials such as rattan, linen, jute and timber can add a personal touch to your space. Essentially, anything that looks handmade will create an organic texture moment.

6. Mindfulness

Since being busy is the new trend, we all want to enjoy a restful and refreshing home to relax to. Decorate your home by choosing natural finished and layered textures that create a tranquil ambiance to your space. Living in spaces decorated with gentle and nurturing tones can subtly impact your wellbeing, in a positive way. Think simplicity, floor beds, low furniture, floor cushions, natural materials and a calming palette with whites.

What will you incorporate to your interior design this season? To us, these trends are versatile where you can get them to adapt any season. Start with subtly adding earthy and natural tones to your colour palette, then you’re on your way.

Here’s some inspo to get you started!


Leon Sainken

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