8 Tips for Autumn Home Maintenance in 2020

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Alas, summer is almost over, and the cold breeze is yet to come. Make the most out of the good weather and save the time to finally cross out that to-do list you’ve been putting off for home maintenance. Here’s some top to-do to get your house ready for autumn.

1. Seal cracks and gaps

Inspect your door and windows of any cracks and gaps. The change in temperature and humidity and cause window seals and door seals to crack. This tiny holes and gaps can contribute to at least 20%* of a home’s heat loss, so it’s best to cover them up before winter drops in. You would need all the heat you can get!

2. Heater test

Don’t wait for the coldest day of the winter season to find out your heater is broken. Test it during autumn where you wouldn’t need it as much and consider getting it serviced before any sparky’s are completely booked out.

3. Oil your wood

Any wooden outdoor furniture exposed in different elements during the cold weather can cause cracks on the surface due to moisture in the air. Regular oiling can help protect them from moisture and help them last longer.

4. Patch up your concrete

Cracks or damages to your concrete pavements can be extra dangerous during especially extreme wet conditions. Prevent any other future damage by sealing it yourself. Everything you need is easily available in Bunnings. Also have look out on moss build-ups as with a high-pressure hose as they can grow overtime if unattended.

5. Install gutter guards

The main advantage of having a gutter guard is that it prevents anything from clogging your gutter. That way you reduce any given time for cleaning and unclogging your gutter. They also assist on the water flow through your gun pipes and it prevents any common household pests from breeding in your drainage.

6. Fertilise your plant-friends

As there is less sunlight during winter, help your plant-friends survive the cold months by applying fertiliser during autumn.

7. Inspect for roof leaks

Nothing else is more frustrating than a leaking roof. Find any possible holes that can cause leaks, cracks on the ridges and damages to any of the vents during autumn. If you find any, repair and seal them right away!

8. Check for pests

One common thing that a lot of us forget from any house maintenance list is a pest inspection. Pests such as ants or mice can cause major structural damage such as in your pipes, insulation and ceilings.

What’s included in your autumn home maintenance checklist? We’re all guilty of putting off home maintenance to do lists to the last minute! Autumn is the best season to get on top of any wear and tear and prepare your house for a cozy and rainy winter season.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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