5 Features to Help You Nail the Industrial Chic Trend in Your Home

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Industrial Chic is so in right now. But what exactly is Industrial Chic?

The term refers broadly to a trend in interior design which draws inspiration from old factories and industrial spaces that have recently been transformed into lofts and living/working spaces. Think trendy New York City apartment and you’re pretty much there.

Originally coming to popularity in the late 2000s, this trend has stood the test of time and remains increasingly popular today. It’s not hard to see why.

Unlike its minimalistic and structured counterparts (think monochrome, Scandi and so on) there are very few rules when it comes to this design trend. You are free to mix and match textures and tones, provided you remain within a certain colour palette.

Industrial Chic is gender-neutral, commanding and yet versatile enough to allow you to totally own your space.

So what are the 5 main components you need to nail for this trend to work?

  1. Concrete. The first thing most of us probably think of here would be polished concrete flooring. This is a great option if you are just starting out with building a new home, but unfortunately it is not so practical to rip up your existing flooring to get a completely new look. Instead, you can opt for Concrete-look laminate (which you can easily purchase from a number of retailers) or concrete accents in your benchtops (again, laminate is your best friend). If you’re not keen to renovate to such an extent, there are plenty of concrete-look decorative items out there.
  2. Brickwork. Who doesn’t love a good exposed brick feature wall? If you consider yourself particularly DIY savvy, you can expose a brick wall yourself. Alternatively, you can opt for some good quality wallpaper (and pay someone to install it, if you don’t have the patience nor precision).
  3. Steel. Probably the easiest of them all, steel can be incorporated into a space in so many ways. Think coffee tables, bar stools and dining chairs, shelving, pendant lighting and even your kitchen tapware and handles. Don’t be afraid to pair differing colours against black, copper and brushed gold make for great accents here. You can even get creative and mount your bike on the wall for a conversation-starting steel feature.
  4. Timber. Once again, flooring is an obvious choice here but you can also opt for some lesser-explored options like room dividers and sliding doors, or opt for a statement piece in the living area like a solid timber dining table. Why not be bold and use some crates as makeshift side tables?
  5. Leather. The crown jewel of the Industrial Chic room is the rugged brown leather chaise. But if you don’t want to invest in a whole new lounge suite, you can explore leather ottomans, armchairs and even throw pillows. And if leather really isn’t your thing, velvet features also look amazing with this design style.

If you ask us, this is one of the most low-maintenance and timeless trends to apply in your home. Add some stylish abstract art, a touch of greenery and a rug or two and you’ve got yourself a cosy and stylish space that is sure to impress anyone.

And if you’re still stuck, here’s a few pictures to strike inspiration!


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