3 Smart Kitchen Storage Ideas

The kitchen is often described as the heart of the home, and for good reason. It is where you gather to talk about your day, make a coffee or grab a snack – but it then also means it is one of the most prone to clutter, mess and general chaos!

We have designed and built thousands of kitchens, so we know a thing or two about what can be done to minimise draws of rubbish and unused knick-knacks. We help many Western Australians to best utilise the space they have so they are not tripping over themselves (or their cooking utensils) on a daily basis. We have come up with 3 smart ideas that transcend budget, style or space; they are smart for your kitchen no matter how many of the previously mentioned constraints you must work with.

  1. Recessed/under bench storage

Instead of having cupboards filled with miss-matched plates and cups to search through every morning and night, why not incorporate recessed shelving/cupboards into the side of your breakfast bar or in your kitchen counter to make the things you use regularly easy to get to. This also helps to encourage you to keep them neat and avoid hoarding loads of excess dinner ware you don’t need or use.

This works really well in our display, The Leeuwin, with bench chairs fitting underneath, and cupboards built into the open side of the kitchen bench keeping the design neat and modern.


  1. Long, wide drawers

You can ensure that all your plates, cutlery and even the big pots and pans have a place to live in your new kitchen by having longer, wider drawers over the standard size ones most of us are used to. You can then stack what you have neatly and easily, and by placing some grip lining at the bottom of your drawers you can stop them banging around if your family are opening and closing them frequently, too!

You can see what we mean in the Escape in Southern River, next to the ovens below you notice the large wide drawers that can be used for most anything that needs to be tucked away.


  1. Overhead cupboards

Whilst this may seem obvious – you will have been to many houses that have high cupboards in the kitchen that require a not-so-small stool in order to reach anything within them. There is just no excuse for poor design anymore, at Ross North we know that push to open catches (from the bottom up) style overheads mean that you harness the extra storage space you want, whilst also getting the functionality you need (and save money on buying stools/ladders for each family member!).

It is very well done in the Avalon in Forrestfield, showcasing the wall feature you can create with well-designed overhead cupboards and a stylish window to match.


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