3 Popular Wall Décor Ideas for Your New Home

Simple and stylish ways to jazz up your blank canvases!

Well thought out wall décor can significantly change the look and atmosphere of a room, and decorative finishes add texture and dimension to surfaces that would otherwise be plain, uninspiring white walls.

Using 3D wall decor can make walls pop, adding interest with depth and form. If you need extra space for storage, utilising the walls in hallways or bedrooms can provide a sleek vertical solution that frees up precious floor space. As alternatives to great artwork and/or family photos, the following ideas should inspire you to think outside the box when it comes to what is possible for the vertical surfaces in your new home.

Clever Shelving

Shelving - Ross North Homes

Perfect for books, plants, candles, or a combination of all these concepts. Floating shelves can be great for ensuring bedrooms and study areas have room for books without large, bulky bookshelves taking up all of the floor space. This also looks great when used in the family room instead of a TV unit which can often make even the most spacious room feel boxed in or cluttered.

3D Art

WD - 3D art Ross North Homes

Simple, clever use of materials and shapes can create a powerful statement in a room. We love the geometric trend, and whether you use mirrors or coloured shapes the result can be something incredible to behold! It can be completely customisable as well if you source the various materials yourself and invest in a small tin of paint or two!

Mirror Art

WD - mirror art Ross North Homes

You can use softer, rounded mirrors to create a warm feel, or as per the above example, by using geometric/harder lines you can create a more modern, edgy look. The great thing about using mirrors on your walls like this is the added benefit of the space automatically feeling bigger; the reflections created can make a small bedroom feel spacious or a narrow hallway seem much wider than it actually is.

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