3 Easy Care Indoor Plants You Need in Your New Home

That look great and are (almost) impossible to kill!

Not everyone has a green thumb and that’s ok – it can be hard to know which plants are best for your home, let alone how to keep them alive! It is worth the investment, however, as not only do indoor plants offer a nice aesthetic, but houseplants can also contribute to our wellbeing making us feel calmer, less stressed, and even optimistic. Improved sleep is another benefit for those plants located in the bedroom as they release oxygen at night. Add to the list air purification also, as they help remove indoor air pollutants released by common household items. 

They provide a tonne of benefits, it’s really unbe-leaf-able! If you’re ready to spruce up your new home with some easy-care greenery, the below are some great options to get you started! 

1. The ZZ

The ZZ Plant, or otherwise known as the Zamioculcas zamiifolia (try saying that quickly three times!)  is one of the toughest plants out there and can tolerate some serious neglect. Originating in South Africa, this plant can thrive both, indoors and out. It’s waxy, smooth, dark green leaves reflect sunlight and instantly brighten rooms. 

2. Devil Ivy

Don’t be fooled by the name, this plant is absolutely di-vine! Devil’s Ivy can easily be left alone for weeks without any care, in fact their number one killer is typically too much attention.

This is a plant that grows rapidly, allowing you to have fun by shaping and training the vine to cover different areas within your home, leaning into those popular home jungle vibes. Water once a week in summer or once a month in winter, however you will know when it needs a drink, this little devil will visibly wilt when it’s in need of water.

3. Aloe vera

Say Aloe to our little friend! With even neglectful care aloe vera plants will grow and thrive for many years, even decades! These plants need a lot of bright yet indirect sunlight and can grow pretty fast outdoors in a sunny garden; they do well but grow much slower when kept indoors as houseplants. These days you’ll find their gel in everything from skin and hair care products, to drinks, supplements, and even food products. Aloe vera ice cream is a must-try!

If you are ready to build an incredible home to house all your new indoor plants, we invite you to browse through our distinct new home designs, each offering a unique lifestyle beyond compare. At Ross North Homes we have more than 40 years’ experience building beautiful homes for thousands of WA families, and we’d love to be part of your building journey too.

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