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Perth Home Builders, Ross North Homes

My vision was never to be Perth's biggest builder. I simply aspired to be the best.

Throughout our 40 year history, boom and bust markets have come and gone. Significantly, during boom times many builders sought to take on as much work as possible. I take pride in the fact that during these periods we actually limit our new home contracts. This allows your home to be built to a superb "Ross North standard" that is second to none. Our continuing vision is all about quality, not quantity.

The journey to date has seen more than 10,000 quality homes built for fellow West Australians and has confirmed to me what I believed from building my very first home: cutting corners by using second class trades and building materials may get the job done, but those clients will never return or hand out referrals to friends or family.

My success and longevity has been based on my reputation and it is one that I am extremely proud of.

I am proud to say over the last 40 years, we have won nearly every building award that is possible. The recognition we have received covers everything from the coveted Gold Key Award that defines outstanding design and quality construction, right through to awards for stylish kitchens and bathrooms.

These awards are judged by my fellow builders and I am honoured to have been recognised by them. However, the accolades I respect the most are from the families of West Australians who put the trust of building their new home in my hands.

Responsibility, caring and pride is what everyone at Ross North is about.